Get our Economy back on track

  • The NDP have chased over $40 billion out of our province. There is a clear strategy to encourage investors to come to Alberta again - get government out of the way.
  • We have an economy that is based on natural resource exports, let's get back to doing what we do best. I think that most of us are tired of MLAs and gov't bureaucrats that don't get it and don’t listen to Albertans, they call us their “embarrassing cousin” and “sewer rats”.


Balance the Budget

  • We cannot afford the NDP. In just four years, the NDP have rung up $96 billion in debt. Rachel Notley is playing games with Alberta’s financial future. That is $23000 for each one of us. My kids aren’t even in University yet and they already owe that much?
  • Yes, Alberta does have a revenue problem but unfortunately we also have a huge spending problem. Our gov’t has been growing irresponsibly, using your tax dollars to do it.


Alberta’s Resources to Market

  • All of our resources - not just oil and gas, mining products like gold, silver, potash and more, agriculture - our beef, grain and agricultural products. We need bigger port facilities, railways and yes, pipelines to move Canadian products to export markets.
  • Are you buying the NDP pretending to campaign for pipelines? They kill our oil and gas industry but then want us to believe that they are working so hard for a ‘social license’ to get pipelines built.
  • Let’s stop apologizing for doing what Alberta does best - producing the cleanest oil and gas and the best beef and grain products in the world. We have the highest environmental standards in the world and we should not be ashamed for producing what the world needs - energy and food.


  • Randy Kerr
    published this page 2018-03-26 21:53:25 -0600